Amazon Basics

I got a new computer recently, and with a new computer comes the need for a new neoprene sleeve (especially important for these new MacBooks, since apparently a speck of dust getting into the keyboard will brick it). I ended up getting this Amazon Basics one because, hey, it’s cheap, and the whole point of a laptop sleeve is that it’s always in your bag and you should hardly ever see it. It arrived today and while the quality isn’t spectacular, I knew what I was paying for and so I’m fine.

This isn’t the first thing I’ve bought from Amazon Basics: I got some batteries and a Bluetooth keyboard from them too. Same deal: quality that’s acceptable for the low price.

But I wonder if Amazon isn’t playing with fire here. Google just got hit with a record fine from the EU for, essentially, unfairly promoting their own products in their search results. Amazon Basics sure seems like the kind of thing that could easily attract similar accusations. And Amazon has also been in the crosshairs of both lawmakers and the general public recently. Is it wise to give them more ammunition?

If I had to guess, I think the hammer is going to come down on Amazon pretty soon, and I bet it will start with Basics— even if that amounts to “busting Al Capone for tax evasion”.

Written on October 22, 2017